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A Gathering of Friends

I was asked to create an invitation for a Halloween party, without actually calling it a “Halloween party”. The teacher chose to keep the guidelines vague and gave the students free reins to explore theme and direction of the fictional party.

I wanted to make my party as creepy-weird as possible. Therefore I took the help of my good friend Russell and poured chocolate sauce on his head. The imagery, combined with the invitation title “A Gathering of Friends” is meant to connote to a “blood cult” or its likes. Furthermore, the invitation instructs the guest to go to a cemetery at dusk, where he/she will be met by the other guests and taken to an earth cellar.

This is a type of invitation that will only attract people who know the host well, while people unfamiliar with the antics of the host most likely will be discouraged. In other words – it is a way to make sure that only (a gathering of) close friends attend.