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The Bill & Melina Gates Foundation and Wired Magazine approached fuseproject with the task of creating an inspirational concept for a diagnostical health care device.

In places where a hospital or clinic is hard to reach, Kernel offers a quick and easy way to test for signs of infection or illness. Four different assigned areas, on the bio-sensing absorbent pad, analyses the patient’s blood, breath, saliva and urine. With the help of a smart phone, the data from Kernel can be sent directly to the physician who can then advise the patient on what needs to be done – based on the data.

I was tasked with designing the app UI, focusing on making the experience simple and easy to use. In a few, easy steps the user is guided though the process of testing and is then given a clear and concise diagnosis and instructions on what they need to do.

The article was published in the December 2013 issue of Wired and can also be found online.